Global Swiss Academy

Hotel Concept Development


A Hotel Concept is designed around 7 components that cover all aspects of running it successfully: The Story, The People, The Space, The Identity, The Services, The Content, and The Channels. Starting from the central story, components are interconnected and work side by side to build a unique, coherent whole


  • Audit & Research
  • Brand Concept
  • Operational Concept
  • Visual & Verbal Identity


In all that we do, our mission remains the same. We take a holistic approach, to make your guests feel great and, most importantly, to create real value. We see projects by embracing two important truths:

Recognizing untapped potential.

Brands and environments must do more than look great; they should unlock creative new ways for our clients to get the most out of their investments. At every property, we seek out the untapped potential that’s waiting to be transformed into revenue.

The guest knows best.

Hospitality is all about our guests, so our process starts by understanding their needs and staying ahead of ever-shifting market trends. Discovering new ways for guests to fall in love  with hospitality brands is what drives us.

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